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Top 5 multipurpose ladders

And so you need to perform a task that is two meters above your head? Getting a multipurpose ladder enables you to work at elevated heights easier and safely. A good multipurpose ladder is the one that is highly versatile and easy to adjust to different working heights. Durability may be another critical factor you can consider. The durability of a multipurpose ladder is determined by the type of materials used in making it. Additionally, a good multipurpose ladder is that which you can be folded and moved with ease. With a multipurpose ladder, you can do a wide range of tasks alone without calling for help. If you are planning on buying a versatile ladder, then here are the top 5 best multipurpose ladders you can choose from.

multipurpose ladders

1. Werner MT22 300-Pound Duty-Rating Multipurpose Ladder

Werner MT22 300-Pound is one versatile ladder you can use to perform a wide range of tasks. It measures 22 feet high and can be adjusted to 28 different working heights. It is equipped with soft-touch knobs that enable you to do your tasks easier. Dual rivets make it long lasting. Its bottom features an extra wide shape that provides maximum flexibility. Climbing rails have been designed in a curved manner hence allow you to have a comfortable working experience. It is strongly built to last longer. It is a single ladder that can allow you to do various tasks in your home.

Werner MT22 300-Pound Duty-Rating Multipurpose Ladder


2. VonHaus 14-in-1 Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder

What makes this ladder different from others is its multi-position hinge system that allows you to configure it to your individual working needs. It is made of aluminum hence very light in weight and can support heavy weights of up to 330 lbs. It is easy to assemble, store and transport. You can customize and set it to 14 different working positions. You can do more with this ladder. It is made specifically to enable you to accomplish most of your heavy duty tasks efficiently.

VonHaus 14-in-1 Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder


3. Little Giant 12022 Revolution Multipurpose Ladder

Little Giant is made of light aluminum-grade material that offers maximum stability. Wide legs help in providing added stability. This ladder can be used in performing a variety of tasks above staircases, over obstacles and vaulted ceilings. It is the best ladder that aids you in eliminating all forms of foot pain while doing multiple tasks. It has four hinge pins that help you lock it safely. You will also not worry about moving this ladder from one place to another as it comes with easily gliding wheels. Its light weight even makes it easier to transport. Little Giant can be adjusted into five different working positions. The Rock Locks that are installed on this ladder aids in extending it to full length when you are using. It is both a safe and reliable ladder that can assure you quality performance.

Little Giant 12022 Revolution Multipurpose Ladder


4. Select Step 5-8 Feet Adjustable Multipurpose Ladder

This is ideal for you to use when working on uneven surfaces and staircases. Tip and glide wheels make it easy to move from one place to another. An Airdeck workstation helps in providing added stability to it whenever you are working on high grounds. It supports your foot fully when working hence ideal in eliminating common foot pain. Adjusting this ladder is very easy. In fact, you can set it up and use in a 90-degree position. It is thoughtfully designed to match the needs of most users.

Select Step 5-8 Feet Adjustable Multipurpose Ladder


5. Cosco 20413T1AS Multi-Position Ladder

This is a 5-in -1 multipurpose ladder that can be climbed from all sides. The good thing about this ladder is that it does not need any assembling for you to use. Among the best features, you can notice in this ladder is a boxed aluminum frame that is very strong and can last for as long as you want. It is specially made to be used both indoors and outdoors. It can be utilized as wall ladder, stepladder, stairway ladder, and extension ladder. Its legs provide a firm grip on the ground making it very safe to use.

Cosco 20413T1AS Multi-Position Ladder


Multipurpose ladders are available in all make and models. Finding a good one can be overwhelming if you are new to it. Listed above are the top rated brands you can buy from the market.

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