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Top 5 Laptop Table Stand Reviews

Sitting for long hours at the workstation has been proved to cause a number complications such as spondylitis and backache in many people. To avoid all these, you can use a good quality laptop table stand, which will enable you to work in a standing position. This enables you to relax while enjoying work on your laptop as it enhances blood circulation and reduces muscle tension. The stands can also be used when giving talks, lectures or during presentations. Ideally, the best laptop stand should be lightweight, durable, adjustable and easily portable. Below are the top five laptop stands based on 2016 reviews:

laptop table stands

1. Avantree Multi-functional Laptop Bed Table Tray

Foldable, Adjustable, Portable Standing Desk and Book Stand.
This is the best laptop table stand based on 2016 reviews. It is a multi-functional laptop workstation that can function as a laptop bed stand, TV tray for snacking, a book/table stand, or a standing desk that is used for office work. The stand features two auto-lock buttons located on each side. This allows for quicker adjustment of the height from 9.4 inches to 12.6 inches. Moreover, the two clamps can also be used to easily adjust its surface from 0 to 30 degrees. It is a lightweight but sturdy stand with an easily foldable design, which allows for easier portability and compact storage.

Avantree Multi-functional Laptop Bed Table Tray


2. Adjustable Vented laptop table stand table

This is a flexible, durable and smartly designed laptop table that is suitable for different settings. It is a user-friendly and lightweight multi-functional table which can easily fold flat for easier portability and compact storage. The unit comes while equipped with a two-layer aluminum alloy panel and a soft-silica rubber wrist-pad which helps in preventing wrist fatigue, hence promoting comfort. It also features fully-adjustable locking joints which allow you to easily modify the stand to suit your needs. It features slip-resistant parts, which helps in preventing slipping when positioned at different angles. It uses the ABS auto-locking joint design and can support up to 30lbs of weight.

Adjustable Vented Laptop Table from Sojitek


3. Seville Classics WEB-162 Mobile Laptop Desk Cart

This is a versatile laptop table stand which makes it easier for you to move your writing work station or laptop to any place in your home, room or office. The unit comes with rolling casters/wheels which allow for easier mobility. You can adjust and lock it to different heights, from 20.5 inches to 33 inches, using the manual knob. Moreover, the slanted table-top option gives you optimum comfort when typing and writing. It also features a wide sturdy steel base which can support a maximum of 75lbs of weight. It is an excellent stand with a study and durable construction.

Seville Classics WEB-162 Mobile Laptop Desk Cart


4. DG Sports Multi-functional Laptop Table-Stand, with Internal Cooling Fan & Built-In LED Light

This is a convenient and easily adjustable laptop table which allows you to turn just about any space into a workstation. It is a lightweight, slim and compact unit with a foldable design which ensures easier portability and storage. The table comes with an integrated cooling fan which keeps your laptop from overheating as you work. This is normally powered by a USB-cable which plugs into your computer. The handy workstation also features a mouse pad as well as LED light to help illuminate your workstation. Moreover its legs can easily be set to two different heights and can also be folded-out for optimal stability.

DG Sports Multi-functional Laptop Table-Stand, with Internal Cooling Fan & Built-In LED Light


5. Altra Jacob Laptop Cart from Altra Furniture

This is another unique laptop stand which allows you to comfortably use your laptop from anywhere. It has a durable seamless top whose angle can easily be adjusted to enable you view the screen of your laptop with ease. Moreover, the raised ledges on the top of this stand help to keep your laptop in place even when tilted. Furthermore, its overall height can be adjusted to suit your height. The design includes a stable side surface where you can place your beverage or mouse. In addition, the five casters on its base help in enhancing its mobility.

Altra Jacob Laptop Cart from Altra Furniture


With so many laptop stands on the market today, finding the best one to use may be difficult. When purchasing your laptop table stand, it is important to select one that is adjustable to different angles and heights so suit your needs. It should also be lightweight, stable and easily portable. The above laptop stand reviews can help you choose the best.

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