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Top 5 iphone 6 plus bike mount reviews

A Smartphone is becoming a necessity in our everyday life. Perhaps, despite our busy schedules, we need to stay connected to the outside world wherever we are by; not missing an important email, tweet or call whether you are riding, working out or hiking. An iPhone is the best investment you can make and therefore you need to give it the best care you can. An iPhone helps you track your fitness goals when working out. Apps such as MapMyRide and Strava are beneficial in your tracking your workout program, and you need to have your iPhone with you. As a biker, therefore, you need to get a good iPhone Bike Mount to keep your smartphone safe when biking. iPhone bike mounts are easy and quick to use in unmounting and mounting your device. They add convenience to our everyday life. If you need one, then here are the top 5 iPhone 6 Plus Bike Mount reviews to guide you to select the best.

iphone 6 plus bike mount

1. Annex Quad Bike Mount Kit for iPhone 6 and 6S plus

This is light but sturdily built bike mount that adds convenience to your day to day life hassles. It is equipped with patent pending Quad Lock system that lets you navigate your city with total ease. With this mount, you are assured never to miss any message, call or email alert when biking. The volume buttons protrude hence making it easy to operate your device. It installs easily on your commute bike. The low profile mount ensures minimal obstruction when commuting around with your bike. Additionally, the rubber O-rings are replaceable hence, you do not have to worry.

Annex Quad Bike Mount Kit for iPhone 6 and 6S plus


2. Aduro U-Grip Plus Universal Mount for Smartphones, iPhone 6/6S plus

Aduro is pretty simple to mount and unmount from your bike. It features a 360-degree tilt and rotation. It is capable of holding 5.5-inch devices. It uses sturdy silicone band that holds your device safely. The days of getting surprised after missing an important call or message are long gone. This is a great mount for you in case you are a regular motorbike rider. It has a simple design but very effective in functionality. You can rotate or turn your device when you need. It is by far one of the easiest mounts to use.

Aduro U-Grip Plus Universal Mount for Smartphones, iPhone 6-6S plus


3. Vibrelli Universal Bike Mount Holder for iPhone 6/6S Plus

This is a universal bike mount that fits most smartphones and devices of up to 4.5 inches. It provides extra security and is easy to adjust to fit your device. It is available in three different colors i.e. gray, red and black. Therefore, you can choose the best that matches your preferences. It only requires a 2-minute installation and comes with all the ideal tools you need. With a 360-degree pivot joint, you can view your device from any angle you need. If you need a durable mount, then this could be your ideal pick.

Vibrelli Universal Bike Mount Holder for iPhone 6-6S Plus


4.Bike Mount Universal Holder

With this, you can sure that your smartphone remains safe wherever you ride. It is suitable for all smartphones of less than 12mm in thickness. It can hold iPhones and other smartphones of up to 8 inches screen size. You do not need any tools to install this mount. It is very compact in design and hence. It has a rubber grip lining that helps prevent your device from falling off. It is the easiest to assemble and fits a broad range of phones. It gives you easy access to your phone when riding.

Bike Mount Universal Holder


5.Tigra MountCase for iPhone 6/6S

This is a waterproof case that comes with a rain guard. It is ultra-light in weight and weighs only 2-ounce. It keeps your device safe from damages, dust, and dirt. It allows you full access to your device buttons, screen, and ports. It is recommended for use with bicycles, scooters, golf bags and strollers. It is easy to mount in seconds hence ideal for you if you are a time saver. You can lock it securely both in landscape and portrait mode.

Tigra MountCase for iPhone 6-6S


iPhone bike mount cases are the best companions you can have if you are a regular biker. Don’t fumble around with bulky and insecure pouches when you can get a good bike mount for optimum safety of your device. The above are the best brands you can buy.

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