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Top 5 Best Pioneer 12 inch Subwoofers

If you are the type of person who appreciates good music and want to get the best quality of sound from your home or car sound system, you should find a way to improve it. This can be done by adding high-performance subwoofers, and that is where pioneer 12 inch subwoofers come in. These are top-quality units that are specially designed to produce clear and undistorted sound. They are versatile products that are well ventilated to help in cooling and prevent thermal breakdown. Furthermore, they are durable and extremely easy to install. If you would like to purchase a subwoofer unit with such qualities, below are the five best pioneer 12-inch subwoofers as per the 2016 reviews:

Best Pioneer 12 inch Subwoofers

1. Pioneer 12-Inch TSW-304R Component Subwoofer with 1300Watts Max Power

This is the best pioneer 12 inch subwoofer based on 2016 reviews. It is a high-performance unit with 1200W peak power. The 20-220Hz frequency response combines with the 95dB sensitivity to give you a clear and high quality sound. The product can effectively work in a 1.25 cu.ft sealed box or a 1.5 cu.ft ported box. The subwoofer features a rugged cone, which is made from the injection-molded polypropylene, which makes it quite rigid. Its cone design reduces distortion and increases the unit’s efficiency, while the treated foam surround helps to keep the cone under control. Moreover, the stamped basket has a magnet cover that adds an extra layer of protection, while the extra venting helps in cooling the subwoofer’s interior. This in turn protects it against thermal breakdown.

Pioneer TSW-304R 12-Inch Component Subwoofer with 1300Watts Max Power


2. Pioneer 12-Inch Tsw-3003d4 2000Watt Champion-Series Pro Subwoofer

This is another superior quality subwoofer that is uniquely build to produce a loud and powerful bass that can withstand up to 2000Watts of maximum power and 600Watts of continuous musical power. It is a versatile subwoofer that is designed with dual four-ohm voice coils for the 2-ohm or 8-ohm configuration. Ideally, the unit can fit in a 0.85 cu.ft to 1.75 cu.ft enclosure. Improving on the conventional designs, this product features the dual spider design for enhanced linearity, a large magnet for louder bass, a large pole with thick wires for more accurate base and a more reinforced basket for durability.

Pioneer Tsw-3003d4 12-Inch 2000Watt Champion-Series Pro Subwoofer


3. Pioneer TSW-311D4 12-Inch Champion DUAL-4/1400W/450W Equalizer

This is a superior quality pioneer subwoofer with a newly re-designed IMPP composite cone that delivers a durable cone-structure for accurate and yet powerful base. The unit utilizes a rigid single-piece basket that helps to reduce vibration throughout this subwoofer. Moreover, it increases the driving force that is directed to the cone, producing a loud and rhythmical bass. The basket’s enhanced stiffness minimizes sound leaks, creating a clear and powerful bass. It also features the dual-layer elastic polymer surround.

Pioneer TSW-311D4 12-Inch Champion DUAL-4-1400W-450W Equalizer


4. Pioneer TSW-310D4 12-Inch Champion-Series Subwoofer, with Dual 4-Ohm Voice Coil and 1400Watts Max Power

This is another powerful subwoofer with a 1400Watts peak and 400Watts RMS power handling capacity. The combined IMPP cone makes its body lightweight and yet ultra-rigid, giving you low distortion and powerful bass. The extra-tough suspension can withstand high input power and also offers optimum durability, while the four-layer copper voice coil, with the aluminum former ensures improved heat dissipation. The subwoofer is designed to allow for easier and flexible in-car installation.

Pioneer TSW-310D4 12-Inch Champion-Series Subwoofer, with Dual 4-Ohm Voice Coil and 1400Watts Max Power


5. Pioneer 12-Inch TSW-309-D4 Champion-Series Dual 4-Ohm 1400Watt Subwoofer

This is a top-performance subwoofer with 1400Watts peak/400 nominal power handling capabilities. It is a 12-inch dual four-ohm voice coil subwoofer that features a one-piece seamless IMPP composite cone for enhanced accuracy and high power handling. The dual-layer elastic polymer surround enhances its lightness and durability, while the 20Hz-220Hz frequency response combined with the 94dB sensitivity that gives you good quality sound. Moreover, air movement within this subwoofer has been smoothly channeled to ensure optimal ventilation, quick response as well as clear base reproduction. Note that you can wire it at 2-ohms or 8-ohms and it has all its terminals on one side, which is quite convenient.

Pioneer TSW-309-D4 Champion-Series 12-Inch Dual 4-Ohm 1400Watt Subwoofer


With numerous subwoofers entering the market all the time, finding a good quality subwoofer to add to your sound system is bound to be an uphill task. The best unit should be designed to give you clear and good quality sound. It should be a tough and durable unit that is specially designed to prevent thermal breakdown. It should also be easy to install. If you need such a subwoofer, the above pioneer 12 inch subwoofer reviews can help you in selecting the best.

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