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Top 3 Laminator Reviews

Laminators are important machines that offer a quick and easier way to protect your printed materials. They are designed to help attach pouches on printed documents, making them water-proof and well-shielded against tearing. Furthermore, this helps to enhance the color and contrast of the prints. Laminating your documents helps in protecting them from smudges, sun damage, wrinkling, grease marks and finger prints. To get the best services, you need a good quality laminator that is effective and easy to operate. If you need such a product, below are top 3 laminators based on 2016 reviews:

The Swingline GBC-Inspire Laminator

1.Scotch TL906 PRO Thermal Laminator

This is the best laminator based on 2016 reviews. It is a high performance laminator that gives you professional lamination results. The unit features the Never Jam technology, which ensures problem-free operation. Moreover, it normally comes with advanced easy-to-use controls, which ensure efficient use of this machine. The laminator warms up quickly; just within five minute, hence giving you instant lamination.

The design includes a LED touch panel with the “ready” indicator light, which lets you know when the machine is set and ready for use. In addition, it has two temperature settings, which help to accommodate a range of thermal pouch thicknesses. It features a folding tray as well as a carry handle for easier storage and portability.

The unit can accommodate items of up to nine inches wide, which makes it ideal for professional, school, personal organization and home use. It can laminate up to 15 inches per minute and has the automatic shut-off feature, which switches the laminator off just after an hour of inactivity. This helps to prevent overheating.

Scotch TL906 PRO Thermal Lamina


2. The Swingline GBC-Inspire Laminator

If you are looking for a laminator that is easy to use, this is the product to buy. It is an easy one-step laminating machine that combines simplicity and accuracy in just one sleek design. The unit can laminate documents that are up to nine inches wide, and works at a great laminating speed of 10-inches per minute. It can laminate letters as well as legal-size documents in a three mil pouch. Moreover, you can use five mil pouches to laminate items that are up to 4 inches by 6 inches.

The unit warms up in just seven minutes and it is quite easy to use. Laminating using this machine make you sure that your documents that are free of bubbles, crystal clear and quite long lasting.

The Swingline GBC-Inspire Laminator


3. Scotch TL-901 Thermal Laminator

Offering top quality professional lamination, this product features easy-to-use controls, which ensure problem-free operation. Ideally, it has two temperature settings that can accommodate a range of thermal pouch thicknesses. With the maximum input of 9-inches, the unit is ideal for school, home as well as personal organization purposes. It is a versatile and easy-to-use unit that is made with the jam-release lever that helps to remove problematic mis-feeds. Moreover, it has a detachable input tray that has adjustable guides for easier loading and flawless laminating results.

The two roller system is deal for use on items of up to 5 mil thick, while the quality and intelligent construction ensures maximum durability. The machine can handle legal and letter-size documents, photos, business cards and many other items measuring up to nine inches wide. It is a lightweight and compact laminator that is easily portable.

Scotch TL-901 Thermal Laminator


With so many laminators currently on the market, you might find it quite challenging to choose the best. However, if you are in such a situation, the above laminator reviews can help you in selecting the best unit.

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