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Top 10 Best Thunderbolt to HDMI Cable

Thunderbolt to HDMI cables are very important accessories which can help you to connect your computer, laptop or MacBook to other HDMI-enabled devices like monitors, projectors or LCDs. Ideally, the best cable should be flexible, durable, easy to use, light weight, and easily portable. If you are looking for the best thunderbolt to hdmi cable, the above review can help you in choosing the best.

1. AmazonBasics Mini Display-Port Best Thunderbolt to HDMI Cable

This is the best thunderbolt to hdmi cable based on 2016 reviews. The affordable adapter allows you to easily connect your HDMI-equipped television, computer or monitor to the mini Display-Port link. Moreover, it normally supports displays of up to 1920×1200 resolution and it is the best adapter for home entertainment display, office use, conference rooms and trade shows, among others.



2. Fosmon Mini DisplayPort ThunderBolt Port Compatible to HDMI Adapter-Cable

This is another high-performance HDMI adapter, which is designed to allow you to connect high definition monitors, projectors or LCDs. The gold-plated adapter normally works with those laptops that have the Mini DisplayPort. Coming with an easy plug & play function, the unit can connect and convert video and audio media to any HDMI-enabled display. Moreover, it can support HD resolutions of up to 1080p.



3. Cable Matters Mini Display-Port to HDMI Male-to-Female Adapter

This is a lightweight and easily portable adapter, which is ideal for Mac, PCs and tablets that are equipped with the mini DisplayPort. The cable allows you to connect your tablet or laptop to an HDTV for high quality HD video and audio streaming. It is an ergonomically designed and durable low-profile connector which is quite easy to plug and unplug.



4. Benfei Mini Display-port Thunderbolt to HDMI Adapter

This is another top-quality adapter which is used to mirror the laptop content to HDTVs or projectors. The mini display cord input can connect MacBook, Mac Book Air and Mac Book Pro. Moreover, the product is quite easy to use, as you just need to plug it in and play. The low-profile connector can support video resolutions of up to 1920×1200 as well as 1080p Full HD.



5. Sabrent Mini Display-Port to HDMI Adapter

This is a great adapter, which allows you to connect the Mini Display-Port video output from your tablet, desktop PC or laptop to HDMI-equipped displays, projectors and HDTVs. It normally supports video modes of up to 4K as well as 8-channel LPCM/HBR audio. Moreover, the cable also supports HDCP/DPCP content protection.



6. VicTec 3 in 1 Mini DisplayPort Thunderbolt to DVI-VGA HDMI TV Adapter-Cable

This unique adapter can seamlessly connect your MacBook, Mac Book Air or Mac Book Pro with a Mini display-port to High Definition displays. It supports VGA, DVI and HDMI input ports. In addition, the unit is a lightweight, compact and easily portable product, which can easily fit in your laptop’s carrying bag.



7. Mini DP-to-HDMI, Rankie Gold-Plated Mini DisplayPort to HDMI HDTV Cable

This is another great cable which effectively transmits audio and video media and supports video resolutions of up to 1920×1200 as well as 1080p (Full HD). It is a low-profile connector which does not normally block the adjacent ports on the computer and features molded strain-relief for optimum durability. It is ergonomically designed for easier plugging and unplugging.



8. Moread Display-Port to VGA Adapter

This is a convenient and very reliable adapter, which connects Display-Port compatible devices such as PCs, laptops and notebooks to monitors or projectors with VGA ports. The product supports video resolutions of up to 1920×1200/1800 p (Full HD). The latches on the DisplayPort connector provides a very secure connection.



9. Cable Matters USB-3.1 Type C to HDMI Adapter

This is a highly efficient cable that can connect any USB-C enabled tablet, computer or smartphone to a monitor, HDTV or a projector with HDMI input. The product supports 4k resolution and it is quite easy to install without any external software drivers or power. It is a lightweight adapter weighing less than one ounce.



10. ITANDA Mini Display-Port Thunderbolt Port Compatible to HDMI/VGA

This is a very reliable thunderbolt to hdmi cable which can transmit audio as well as video from a tablet or computer to High Definition Display via HDMI. The unit supports 1920×1200 as well as 1080p Full HD and it features a premium quality aluminum metal external casing which offers outstanding appearance and durability.



With so many cables on the market, choosing the best thunderbolt to hdmi cable may be a difficult task. However, if you are looking for one, the above reviews can help you in choosing the best.

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