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Top 10 best battery backup UPS

If you’ve encountered power outage, then you understand how stressful and intimidating the situation can be. Besides, power surges and brownouts can damage electronics. A good battery backup UPS plays a vital role in protecting your property and saving you from the inconveniences you can encounter in the middle of a vital task. Uninterruptable Power Supply batteries come in three different types i.e. line interactive which is vital in the cases of brownouts, standby; the one that can be used in place of the main power supply, and online UPS, which filters power and comes with devices separated from the wall socket. Ideally, a battery backup UPS is a critical accessory, but we often neglect and risk our electronics. If you are planning to cushion such related power outage risks, then here are the top 10 best battery backup UPS you can select.

1. APC BE750G Back-UPS 750V 10-Outlet

This is a reliable battery backup UPS for cushioning spikes and surges in wireless networks, computers, desktops and other electronics. It is an energy-STAR Certified hence guarantee quality performance. If you are regularly in need of your equipment for communication or business use, then this might be your all-time companion in cases of power disruption.

APC BE750G Back-UPS 750V 10-Outlet


2. CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS

CyberPower is another commonly used UPS system that provides maximum protection from irregular power patterns and supply. It saves power for up to 75%. It helps correct brownouts and cases of overvoltage. It closes all the computer files safely and shuts it down hence avoiding any possible harm. It utilizes Automatic Voltage Regulation to resolve power fluctuations.

CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS


3. APC BR1500G Backup-UPS Pro 1500VA

This is ideal for use with computer systems with high-performance computer system, storage devices, networks and other consoles. It is packed with excellent features that enable it to provide reliable performance while saving energy. It has an LCD, AVR, and a PowerChute Management software. It cushions against potential data loss and protects devices from damages. It is recommended for you if you work in an area with frequent storms, circuit overloads, and other power challenges.

APC BR1500G Backup-UPS Pro 1500VA


4. APC Smart-UPS Battery Backup SMC 1500

This is another smart battery backup device that is recommended for use with small switches, servers, networks and point-of-sale devices. It has a green power saving feature that turns off idle peripherals automatically. It is effective in providing protection in case of bad power supply and cushions against loss of data.

APC Smart-UPS Battery Backup SMC 1500


5. CyberPower EC850LCD Ecologic 850VA/510 Watts Battery UPS

Power abnormalities such as surges, spikes, sags, and blackouts are detrimental and can be costly if you don’t manage. CyberPower EC850LCD is specially designed to safeguard various devices such as modems, VoIP routers, home theaters and cables among others against irregular power supplies. It comes with a total of 12 outlets. It also saves power, hence, reducing costs.

CyberPower EC850LCD Ecologic 850VA - 510 Watts Battery UPS


6. CyberPower CP825LCD Intelligent LCD UPS Battery Backup

It is a multifunctional battery backup UPS that reduces energy consumption by 75%. It comes with four output connections for surge protection. It is ideal for use with workstations, home theaters, and PCs. It provides reliable power supply hence elongating the lifespan of your electronic equipment.

CyberPower CP825LCD Intelligent LCD UPS Battery Backup


7. CyberPower CP685ARLCD Intelligent LCD UPS Battery Backup

This is a line interactive UPS that provides reliability in times of power shortages, surges, and brownouts. Therefore, it guarantees protection against data loss. It is also an energy efficient battery backup that reduces power consumption by 75%. It has an interactive LCD that shows battery level status, runtime and load levels.

CyberPower CP685ARLCD Intelligent LCD UPS Battery Backup


8. APC Smart-UPS 750VA SMT750

It is among the easiest systems to configure and comes with navigation keys. It has an high-efficiency green mode that saves power consumption. It also has a bright LCD that is pretty simple to operate. A PoweChute software shuts down your system safely in case of blackouts. It is an excellent system that anyone can operate safely.

APC Smart-UPS 750VA SMT750


9. APC BR1000G Backup UPS Pro

Unexpected system shutdown would cause a lot of damages and losses if you were busy doing something critical. However, you can eliminate the headaches that can occur in the case of such misfortunes by grabbing this elegant backup UPS. It comes with premium-quality features such as APFC compatibility, eight power outlets, and AVR. It automatically switches from utility power to battery power in case of an outage.

APC BR1000G Backup UPS Pro


10. APC BE550G Backup UPS

This is a savior in conditions of an unsafe power supply. It protects against spikes and surges. It turns to battery mode when the power shuts instantly. A 3-year warranty covers it meaning you can buy it with total confidence. It is one of the best systems to protect against damages. It runs efficiently and can handle blackouts. It is easy to use if you want multiple connections.

APC BE550G Backup UPS


If you are planning to give your system the best protection, then the above are the top-rated types you can settle on.

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