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Kidde FA110 Multi-Purpose Fire Extinguisher 1A10BC Review


Accidental fires can be quite hazardous if left uncontrolled as they tend to spread over larger areas, causing wide-spread destruction of property. To avert this, you can use the Kidde FA-110 Multi-purpose fire extinguisher which contains a highly effective multipurpose agent which can fight class A, B and C fires. These may be caused by common combustibles, oil-based products and energized electric equipment. The extinguisher is normally fitted with an extremely easy-to-read pressure gauge, which lets you know when it is charged. Moreover, it has a clear instruction label, which will clearly show the steps to be followed when operating the extinguisher.

Kidde FA110 Multi-Purpose Fire Extinguisher 1A10BC



Some of the main features of this extinguisher include the following;

1. UL-Rated: It is a UL-rated fire extinguisher that has been tested and found to be extremely safe and effective in controlling class A, B and C fires.

2. Pressure Gauge: The design includes a clearly visible and easy-to-read pressure gauge which helps you to know when the extinguisher is well-charged and ultimately ready for use.

3. Build to Last: The extinguisher is durable, corrosion resistant and features an impact- and rust-resistant aluminum cylinder which is meant to give you long-term service.

4. Sure Grip: The operating lever together with the sure-grip handle reduces any chances of slipping from oily or wet hands. This also makes it easier for those people with weak fingers or arthritis to operate.

5. The Multipurpose Agent: The product contains a multipurpose agent which helps in putting out the fires.


Some of the advantages of using this fire extinguisher include the following;

I. The product is easy to use. The sure grip handle as well as the lever the operating lever makes it easier for those people with arthritis or finger weakness to use the extinguisher.

II. It is also build to last, thanks to the strong aluminum cylinder construction.

III. The large and clear bilingual instruction label will guide you on how to use the extinguisher.


Some of the negative aspects of this extinguisher include;

I. It is 2.5lb extinguisher which cannot last for long when putting out huge fires.

II. The plastic parts can make it hard to use this extinguisher to handle extremely hot flames as they are bound to melt.


A good quality fire extinguisher is extremely important if you want to put out any type of fire before it spreads out causing more harm and destruction of property. The unit should be safe to use and easy to operate. It should be extremely effective in putting out the fire and should have a gauge to show you when it is ready for use. One with a strong and durable construction will help in ensuring that you get long-term service. If you need the best quality fire extinguisher that can be used by anyone including people with finger weaknesses, Kidde FA110 Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher 1A10BC will be the best product to buy. It is specially designed to control different types of fires. Having this type of extinguisher in your house, office or workplace will give you peace of mind, knowing you can control virtually any type of fire.

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